Soo Visual Arts Center Partners with Paper Darts for a Six-Week Extravaganza at SooLOCAL

Posted on May 23, 2013

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From June 1 to July 20, Paper Darts, the Twin Cities’ most notorious literary arts magazine, partners with SooLOCAL, a division of the Soo Visual Arts Center, for a six-week spectacle that ushers in a new wave of emerging lit and art organizations. Underneath the outstanding, established Twin Cities arts community lives a thriving ecosystem of dedicated, indie collaborators working to breed a new creative class of underdogs. “For our community to rival the east and west coasts, we must invest in the growing underbelly of our writers and artists," says Jamie Millard, executive director of Paper Darts.

Together this community will showcase storytelling by bringing writers, sculptors, publishers, culture and lit mags, illustrators, improvisers, video game experts, comic artists, musicians, poets, GIF artists, and stage actors together in one space—spotlighting the sweet-tasting cyclone that results when literature and visual art collide.

The theme behind the six-week event, “a storefront for storytelling,” brings the philosophy that guides the Paper Darts publishing aesthetic—bridging the worlds of art and lit. “When it comes to the words and images we publish, we just want to be hosts to strong storytelling,” says Meghan Murphy, editor-in-chief of Paper Darts. “This intimate space will burst with art and literature from every corner. We want our community to fuse into one hot mess of collaboration, inspiration, and perspiration.”

Thursday, July 18 — 8:00-9:00 p.m.

Join The Theater of Public Policy for a night of improv inspired by your own stories of life in the Twin Cities. For this special, on-location event, T2P2 is asking folks what makes this northern set of cities so special. How do you know a Twin Citian when you see one? And after this past winter, why do we still live (and love it) here? The T2P2 cast will bring all your stories to life through completely unscripted comedy theater.

June 1 — July 20
Ongoing Exhibition

Jennifer Davis’s enthralling paintings will sit at the heart of our storefront for storytellers. Once you, storyteller, have inevitably fallen in love with the world of Davis’s paintings, we invite you to create 500 words inspired by her work. Submissions can be made through the Paper Darts website. One story will be selected for publication by Paper Darts.

For a full list and details about every one of the 20+ events in the Paper Darts Pop-Up, visit

Founded in 2009, Paper Darts is a literary arts organization that celebrates bold design, piercing words, and emerging storytellers. Known for trying to “take the stick out of the butt of the literary community,” Paper Darts pushes the boundaries of where art and literature intersect—daring the two distinct worlds to collide into a chaotic heap of illustration.

Primarily a magazine, Paper Darts has produced five hold-in-your-hand print magazines and publishes daily online content, but is also a publishing press, a creative agency, a community, and an idea.

As scrappy as it comes, the Paper Darts engine runs entirely off the energy of dedicated, passionate, lit and art-crazed volunteers. This engaged, collaborative ecosystem works together to breed a new creative class for the storytelling underdog.

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