A Guild-of-One Art Extrusion Facility for Northern Spark 2012…

Posted on May 17, 2012

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Soo Visual Arts Center in partnership with Weisman Art Museum is presenting a new Guild-Of-One project from the mind of artist Karl Unnasch.

Birdhouse, a Guild-of-One art extrusion facility :

Imagine a birdhouse scaled to human size, inside mastermind Karl Unnasch, aka The Guild-of-One, will be weaving strange and wonderful things onto a large spool for the duration of Northern Spark, June 9-10 8:58 pm to 5:26 am (sunset to sunrise). Look for us on the grounds of the Weisman Art Museum, located just outside across from the front doors of the Weisman.  Observation portals on the birdhouse structure will allow curious onlookers to observe the Guild-of-One at work in his natural environment.

Bartering for Art Rope June 9-10 8:58 pm to 5:26 am (sunset to sunrise):

The public is encouraged to visit the Birdhouse in front of the Weisman as a feature of this year's Northern Spark Art Festival. Folks can bring an item no larger than a baseball to either barter for a length of the Art Rope OR the item can be incorporated into the Art Rope as it is being embellished overnight by the Guild-of-One.

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