GET LUCKY 2011 and SUSPENSION OF THIS BELIEF: A Guild-of-One installation

Posted on November 26, 2010

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Suspension of This Belief: A Guild-of-One Installation

The intent and scope of this installation-performance is to focus on the hobbyist as idea-bender/thing-maker. In effect, this work will be an intentional response to our age of instant gratification and lackadaisical testaments. Our culture is inundated with a constant barrage of soft information, short-cut products, forgotten appointments, and sloughed covenants. In the face of this alarm the Guild-of-One is intrigued by the concept of lone hobbyists’ undistracted focus and commitment to perfecting their methods and obsessing over details as would old-world master artisans…often intentionally without an audience or customer base. By juxtaposing this Obsessive Isolationist (sequestered in the air) with the confrontation of the public’s fast-wanting eye, the Guild-of-One aims to explore this mash-up with masterful technique and poignant humor.

Visit HERE For Images of the Event.

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