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Collect Call: Exploring Art Patronage

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Opening Reception: Saturday, November 9, 2013-6-9PM
Show Runs: November 9 - November 17

Panel Discussion: Thursday, November 14, 6-8PM

Featuring Selections from the Collections of:
Tom Arneson
Suzy Greenberg
Jason Howard & Chad Keast
Drs. Herman J. Milligan, Jr., & Constance Osterbaan-Milligan
John Ollmann
Jim Rustad
Cherie Shoquist
Kimberly Witczak

Collect Call, celebrates the drive to preserve and champion the arts on a personal level. SooVAC invited several local collectors to share artworks from their private collections, offering the public the opportunity to view works signifying a lifelong commitment to the arts and the artists that have ignited their passion for collecting.

The role of the arts collector is vital and complex; it is an investment in the life and legacy of the artists that find a place in their collections. This exhibition offers an insight into the relationships forged between collectors and artists, presenting a sampling of artwork that inspired these art lovers to preserve a moment in time celebrating beauty and achievement.

Many of the works in Collect Call were acquired directly from the artist, never having been viewed in a public exhibition, providing audiences an opportunity to experience these works for the first time. Each of these collections offers a variety and richness derived from the diverse personal visions of each collector, spanning over 100 years and ranging from contemporary regional and national artists to European lithographs from the late 1800s.

Please visit our blog for profiles on the collectors HERE.

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Tom Arneson Tom Arneson Suzy Greenberg Suzy Greeberg Jason Howard Jason Howard Drs. Herman J. Milligan, Jr., & Constance Osterbaan-Milligan Drs. Herman J. Milligan, Jr., & Constance Osterbaan-Milligan John Ollmann John Ollmann Jim Rustad Jim Rustad Cherie Shoquist Cherie Shoquist Kimberly Witczak Kimberly Witczak