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Curster’s Fantastico: Paintings and Fiber Sculptures by Erin Currie

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Opening Reception: Friday, April 25, 2008 - 7pm-9pm
Show Runs: April 23 - June 7

Erin Currie grew up as a child of a Rosemaler (a practitioner of a traditional Norwegian style of decorative painting), spending much of her time at Scandinavian Festivals. There she would bide her time drawing characters inspired by dark folklore. She is a bit more of a soft touch now but her artwork is still filled with strange creatures, fun but not without a hint of the disturbed - Imps, demons, scamps…bunnies.

Currie finds inspiration in the shadows, carnival memorabilia and her family, whom she fondly refers to as her favorite bunch of clowns. The essence of Erin Currie’s art is best summed up by Currie herself; “I want people to see my work and imagine themselves running with Yetis through the forest or floating on clouds of balloons.” Erin enjoys creating her monsters with a variety of different mediums; this exhibition will feature paintings and fiber sculptures of her mischievous creations. Fantastico will be Currie’s first gallery exhibition.

Photographs by Ric Sferra

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