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Looking is Stealing

show image Show Runs: January 14th - February 20th, 2005


A native mid-westerner, Guy Nelson was born Fargo, ND and raised in Moorhead, MN. In the years before college, Guy’s medium of choice was painting, his most preferred subject matter realistic wildlife paintings. He received his BA in Visual Arts from Moorhead State University where he concentrated in sculpture and photography.

Recently he has been creating installations, sculptures, and photographs that center around found or readymade objects. In his artist’s statement he describes the work as, “Playful, flamboyant and humorous yet at the same time serious, hinting at the dark sides of life. The ideas examined address issues of innocence, harm, sexuality, and the poignant perverseness of humanity…Ultimately it’s a raw reaction to the carnival side of life.”

The entire gallery space was dedicated to Guy’s work, resulting in a show that was successful, controversial, and humorous.

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