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Untitled 5

show image Show Runs: July 22 - August 28, 2006


Primarily facilitated by the visiting intern, Untitled V was Soo VAC’s fifth annual un-themed, juried show. An open call was made to solicit artists working in diverse media. Particular effort was dedicated to ensuring that there was a broad applicant base, offering as varied a cross-section of our community as possible. This year over 200 artists applied for the show.


Ana Lois-Borzi, a local artist originating from ArgentinaSantiago Piedrafita, a Brazilian graphic designer and Chair of Design at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design


Diana Behl, Serena Cole, Nicholas Conbere, Stephanie DeArmond, Keiko Ishii Eckhardt, Michael Gaughan, Geoffrey Hamerlinck, Bethany Kalk, Mary Johnson, Margaret Pezalla-Granlund, Tim Roby, Molly Roth, Jes Schrom, Max Schollett, Emily Smith, Amy Toscani, Jason Wasyk, Cameron Wittig, Angela Zammarelli

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Bethany Kalk Molly Roth Max Schollett Emily Smith Amy Toscani Jason Wasyk Angela Zammarelli