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Get Lucky 2021, The Stay at Home Edition - Saturday January 30th from 7pm to 8pm.


Thank you to everyone that joined us for the  premiere of Get Lucky 2021, The Stay at Home Edition. The Art Auction is live and will end at Monday February 1st at you still have time to get the artwork of your dreams on THIS PAGE

IF you missed the premiere of our short film never fear it will live on the internet forever at this LINK.

Silent Auction ART BY: Ta-coumba T. Aiken, Hend Al-Mansour, Katayoun Amjadi, Alyssa Baguss, Chase Barney, Amelia Biewald, Rachel Breen, Julie Buffalohead, Jennifer Davis, Jim Denomie, Aaron Dysart, Tara Costello, Nathanael Flink, Christi Furnas, Toni Gallo, Mary Gibney, Christopher E. Harrison, Donte Hayes, Chris Heidman, Pao Houa Her, Syed Hosain, Joshua Huyser, Tiffany Lange, Yijia Li, Rob McBroom, Max McInnis, Shelly Mosman, Terrence Payne, David Rathman, Amy Rice, Gregory J. Rose, Jenny Schmid, Christopher Selleck, Joe Sinness, Alec Soth, Mic Stowell, Suyao Tian, John Vitale, Megan Vossler, Willie Willette and a few surprises.

Proceeds from the art donations will support our exhibition programming and donating artists.


GET LUCKY SPONSORS: 36LYN Refuel Station, Big Watt, CITIES Market Studios, Color Space Art and Imaging, Five Watt, The Graham Smith Team, KNOCK, Inc., Mitrebox Framing Studio, and Phoenix on the River


HOST COMMITTEE: Mark Addicks and Tom Hoch, Susannah Dodge, Mary & Eylon Grimstad-Benari, Masami Kawazato and Aaron Merrill, Herman Milligan Jr. PhD, and Cherie Shoquist


Get Lucky 2021 Illustrations are by Roshan Ganu. Roshan Ganu is a storyteller who chooses 2D and 3D illustration to address the mundane lives we lead. She is an MFA candidate at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (expected 2020) where she was awarded the MFA Trustees Scholarship. Prior to her MFA, Roshan was awarded her MA in French where her thesis investigated contemporary French comics for pre-adolescent children as a way of understanding French contemporary society. She has also published a paper on the same topic. Roshan has worked and traveled within France as a teaching assistant and holds a BA in Journalism and Communication. With her background in writing, Roshan works within the fields of illustration, sculpture and text in an interdisciplinary manner. She recently returned from a residency in Park Rapids in rural Minnesota, where she documented the idea of “extreme winter” through contemplative texts based on sounds, smells and on-site illustrations. She has exhibited her illustration work at Solid State records and at the Women Who Influence Conference in Minneapolis. And she had a solo exhibition at SooVAC in February - March of 2020, Perceiving Places, Through Our Tenderness.


Make a Shrub with us!

As we all prepare for Get Lucky the Stay at Home Edition this upcoming Saturday January 30th, Andrew Pickar, our magical bartender each year has created a refreshing Shrub beverage you can enjoy from your couch at home! This drink is versatile, easy and can be made with or without alcohol. Shrubs are a combination of vinegar, fruit and sugar and require 24-48 hours to bring out the bright flavors of the fruit.


Here’s how to make a shrub from your home:

  • Gather your ingredients - 1:1:1 ratio

      1 pound of fruit, 1 cup of fruit, 1 cup of water, 1 cup of vinegar

       (Yields: Approx 3 cups)

  • Fruits/herbs recommended: Blood orange, strawberry, grapefruit, pomegranate, or try different fruits or herbs you may have in your fridge

  • The Vinegar: Apple Cider Vinegar, red wine vinegar, rice vinegar, champagne vinegar. Avoid white vinegar because the flavor will be intensely sharp.

  • The Sugar: White or brown sugar works the best! White sugar will help bring out the flavors of the fruit more while brown sugar will add another element of flavor.

  • Assemble your fruit (sliced or mashed gently) in a bowl and toss it with sugar. Add in the vinegar and let the mixture sit covered securely with a dish towel on your kitchen counter for 1 - 2days. Stir occasionally.

  • Slowly strain the syrup mixture into a jar and store in your refrigerator until you are ready to use. The shrub mixture will hold for a few months.

  • Fill a tall glass with ice, pour in a splash of shrub and top it off with seltzer water, stirring a bit to incorporate the shrub. Add in a shot of booze like vodka, gin or whiskey if you’d like. Or do away with the seltzer water altogether and substitute Champagne or sparkling wine instead. Garnish with an herb or extra fruit.

  • Drink up and enjoy our virtual Get Lucky premiere!

Strawberry Shrub with basalmic glaze made by Andrew Pickar

Artwork Available in the Silent Auction

Click on the images below for more information. This will be updated as more work is added to our bidding site...

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