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SOO ART MART // December 2nd - December 31th 


December 2nd - December 31th, 2022. Soo Art Mart will open Friday December 2nd from 11-6PM & Saturday December 3rd from 6PM-9PM. After that it will be open Wednesdays-Fridays11am-6pm and Saturdays-Sundays 11am-5pm.

Participating Artists: Christopher Alday, Betsy Alwin, Alexandra Beaumont, Birchwood Palace Industries by Andy Sturdevant, Benjamin Brown, Bruno Press by Mary Bruno, Lindsey Cherek Waller, Sue Christensen, Zoe Cinel, Tara Costello, Jennifer Davis, Jacob Docksey, Preston Drum, Trina Fernandez, Liza Ferrari, Nathanael Flink, Christi Furnas, Toni Gallo, Roshan Ganu, Mary Gibney, Las Ranas Jewelry by Candida Gonzalez, Drew Hance, Amina Harper, Christopher Harrison, Meher Khan, J.LUX by Jen Kreilich, Tiffany Lange, Bobby Marines, Nelie G. Mae, Cactus Boxes by TJ Moran, Boxy Mouse, Abby Mouw, Alonzo Pantoja, Erin Paradis, Terrence Payne, Amy Rice, Marcus Rothering, Violeta Rotstein, ROX by Robyne Robinson, Elaine Rutherford, JobyLynn Sassily-James, Anika Schneider, Liz Schreiber, Dietrich Seiling, Jane Skogstrom, Island Queen Satan Flower by Rebecca Spangenthal, Oakley Tapola, Thirdly and Thrice, Nicole Thomas, Suyao Tian, Jenni Undis, Joni Van Bockel, Laura Wennstrom, Third Daughter, Restless Daughter by Wone and Youa Vang, Russ White, Shop KGY by Kimberly Yang, Shun Yong, and more.


Celebrate and support one of Minnesota's most important natural resources- our talented artists- by shopping at Soo Art Mart this December. SooVAC has created one of the Twin Cities' most beloved artists' holiday shops for over a decade in multiple iterations. This year, we will be mixing it up with more space and so many of your favorite- or soon-to-be favorite- Minnesota artists and makers. 


From ceramics to paintings, jewelry to clothing - find unique and one-of-a-kind gifts for your loved ones and yourself. Soo Art Mart is shopping you can feel good about, with artists receiving the majority of sales, and the remainder supports SooVAC’s programming.

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