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Virtual Connections: Together From a Distance by Everyone

Symphony for a walk of 7 by Zoe Cinel - Walks by Danilo Cinel and Gianna Balli (Italy) and Zoe Cinel (US) - Sound by Agnese Banti - Video by Zoe Cinel


After about two months of lockdown, at the beginning of May people in Italy, my home country, were allowed to go out and take walks in the neighborhoods. I asked my parents, who are living in a town close to Florence, if they wanted to collaborate on a project. I miss them and they miss me. Through art we can build memories together even across an ocean and two time zones.


We all take walks around 7pm and we live 7 hours apart from each other. We walked everyday for 7 days discovering what our passage in space looks like from far away. A sequence of lines and drawing on a map.


Then I wondered: how does the distance between us sound like? We thought it sounded like connection and technology. So here are 7 notes that are each 7 second long and represent the soundtracks for 7 moments in time and space in which I got to walk together with my family from 7 hours of distance. -Zoe Cinel

Symphony for a walk of 7 music sheet.jpg

Originally from Florence, Italy, Zoe Cinel is an interdisciplinary artist and curator who is currently based in the Twin Cities. Zoe’s interdisciplinary practice includes performance, public art, documentary filmmaking, printmaking, installation and new media. Her current work explores the way we embody social distancing and the digital, and strategies to feel present, human and connected beyond any kind of wall.  Zoe’s work was screened/exhibited/performed in venues such as the Walker Art Center (MN), the Minneapolis Institute of Art and Festival della Creatività (Italy). Zoe taught at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and at Carleton College. She is an Associate Curator at the Rochester Art Center and a member of the artistic collective CarryOn Homes, who creates platforms for immigrant voices to be heard in public spaces.

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