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Virtual Connections: Together From a Distance by Everyone

2020 Quarantine:100 Days of Space By Trina Fernandez

2020 Quarantine: 100 Days of Space is about the loss of time and self during the pandemic. Documenting every five minutes of isolation, with over 50k photographs, it’s an archive of my time spent, a study of the impending and hidden horror of Covid-19, and proof, that even hidden away, I still exist. -Trina Fernandez

On Wednesday August 12th, Trina held a Zoom event, with a slideshow of scenes from her quarantine and a conversation about our hopes, fears, and desires for connection, as we think of a way to safely find ourselves back to one another. Below is a sampling of 2020 Quarantine: 100 Days of Space.

Trina Fernandez is an image based installation artist, inserting herself into the American narrative by creating a collage of former memories, current feelings, and her hope for a future self.  Working in the realm of boredom and the overwhelming media of today, she repurposes materials and images from the past, questioning the obsession with connection and the place it holds in the present. She is a self-described "intellectual bimbo".

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