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Virtual Connections: Together From a Distance by Everyone

2020 Quarantine:100 Days of Space By Trina Fernandez 

Wednesday August 10th 7pm-8pm (CST) on Zoom

Trina Fernandez is an image based installation artist, inserting herself into the American narrative by creating a collage of former memories, current feelings, and her hope for a future self.  Working in the realm of boredom and the overwhelming media of today, she repurposes materials and images from the past, questioning the obsession with connection and the place it holds in the present. She is a self-described "intellectual bimbo".


Eventually this piece will be installed in the gallery but for now here's the final piece to be enjoyed virtually.


Storm Surge is a reflection on the power of water as both a literal and metaphorical force. Growing up on the California coast, I often observed the ocean during storms, when the water was at its most unsettled. In this installation, the individual images focus the perspective in and out like a camera lens, and the horizon line shifts in each sheet of paper. When joined together, there is a disorienting sense of space, recalling the feeling of bobbing in a rough sea, the surrounding water lurching, shifting and recombining. This can reflect both a literal, physical experience, and also a more broad sense of upheaval and disorientation. Unable to find solid footing, all we can do at this moment is fall into the turmoil and try to swim.

Storm Surge by Megan Vossler

UPCOMING Exhibitions


New Age Nostalgia by Vitus Shell features large scale paintings of the black experience- giving agency to people from this community through powerful images deconstructing, sampling, and remixing identity, civil rights, and contemporary black culture. 

“Using hip-hop lyrics as the basis of my work, I refer to the musical references to create visual icons in my work. With strong ties existing among the history of rhythm and blues, reggae, and blues music, I depict the social conditions that are apparent in these musical forms and reproduce the images in my own work. In the past, I have often had a problem with art that is too conceptual; however, with the use of the figures, my work becomes accessible to audiences on all levels.”  –Vitus Shell

New Age Nostalgia by Vitus Shell

Full Spectrum: Paintings by Chris Heidman and Lauren Krukowski


Sometimes we need a quiet space, a moment to reflect on the contours of our existence in the form of color and light. Full Spectrum is a combination of paintings by Chris Heidman and Lauren Krukowski that reflect on that space. What do you see when the everyday is only seen as color and shape, a candy wrapper or a sunset? Krukowski believes that if you look deeper you become absorbed by the essence of visual comfort, everything has beauty sometimes it's only altered by how you can capture that. For Heidman, “Finding brilliance in the mundane and the awful is the new human condition. It’s essentially a form of recycling.”

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