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Current Exhibitions

Event Starts: Saturday January 30th from 7pm - 8pm

You are invited to the premiere of Get Lucky 2021, The Stay at Home Edition, on Saturday January 30th from 7pm to 8pm. This will be the launch of our silent auction and a short film about SooVAC, bring popcorn plus adult beverages and cuddle up on the couch with us.


We’ll be posting updates and teasers here throughout January, and though Get Lucky will be free this year we welcome and deeply appreciate a donation of any amount.


Silent Auction ART BY: Ta-coumba T. Aiken, Hend Al-Mansour, Katayoun Amjadi, Alyssa Baguss, Chase Barney, Amelia Biewald, Rachel Breen, Julie Buffalohead, Jennifer Davis, Jim Denomie, Aaron Dysart, Tara Costello, Nathanael Flink, Christi Furnas, Toni Gallo, Mary Gibney, Christopher E. Harrison, Donte Hayes, Chris Heidman, Pao Houa Her, Syed Hosain, Joshua Huyser, Tiffany Lange, Yijia Li, Rob McBroom, Max McInnis, Shelly Mosman, Terrence Payne, David Rathman, Amy Rice, Gregory J. Rose, Jenny Schmid, Christopher Selleck, Joe Sinness, Alec Soth, Mic Stowell, Suyao Tian, John Vitale, Megan Vossler, Willie Willette and a few surprises.

Get Lucky 2021, The Stay at Home Edition 

Exhibition Runs: January 16 - February 14th, 2021- SooVAC will be closed Jan. 30-31 for our annual fundraiser.

For the last seven years Rachel Breen’s work has examined the labor rights of garment workers, a nexus for many challenges of capitalism- globalization, climate crisis, racism, and labor abuse. The Shapes We Take is yet another chapter in Breen’s commitment to making visible, systems that are hard to comprehend and deeply entrenched. And this is a critical time to address the way multinational brands privilege profit over human rights and inform American consumers about our complicity in the way garment workers are treated.

The Shapes We Take by Rachel Breen

Exhibition Runs: January 16 - February 14th, 2021- SooVAC will be closed Jan. 30-31 for our annual fundraiser.

Nathanael Flink is reckless, at least in process when creating his paintings and sculptures. His intent is to defy expectations, inviting the viewer to question the validity of the frame, both in its physical and metaphorical context. Uff Da Gestalt is all about the surfaces without carefully defined corners.

Uff Da Gestalt by Nathanael Flink

Exhibition Runs: January 16 - January 24, 2021

To tell stories that are both personal and universal is Yijia Li’s lifelong pursuit. Her marks on canvas become a document of lives lived.


I love you 3000 is a collection of moments. The materials and techniques utilized in each painting becomes a way to capture the emotional resonance of that experience, at times abstract and in others expressionistic realism. Much like how we remember, some fragments crystal clear and others hazy with feeling that render the story better told in brush strokes and color palettes.  

I Love You 3000, A Farewell by Yijia Li

Virtual Connections: Together From a Distance by Everyone


Soo Visual Arts Center is now reopen to in person visits. However our online programming will continue...stay tune for dates and times in November, we are just getting started. For now visit the archives of all the previous Virtual Connections programming.

Starting again on November 14th, Saturday - Sunday 11am - 4pm, you can come into the gallery and see the work in person - a limit of 10 guests at a time and masks are required. For alternate days please contact Carolyn at carolyn@soovac.org to make an appointment.

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