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Virtual Connections: Together From a Distance by Everyone

Exhibition Runs: Now – ?

Art Activities Now!

A 3-Minute Solo Performance in 6 Steps by Laurie Van Wieren: Here is one way to make a solo. This is for folks who have always wanted to make their own solo but were afraid to ask. There are many ways to make a dance. These steps are taken from some of the things that I do to build material when I am working on a dance. I often work in my living room. Now that we are all home and sometimes alone- you can give this a try while no one is looking. Or you can perform it for your family like we did when we were kids. Or if you want share it on instagram @soovac


You will need: A timer, Pen or pencil, Notebook or paper, A space to work within. any size will do, indoors or outsize (as long as you are within 6Ft of any other person at all times)


Instructions for a 3 Minute Solo:













































The video below is Laurie's 6 Steps in Action!

Laurie Van Wieren is a dance maker, curator and teacher. Her solo and ensemble choreography has been shown in the Twin Cities, nationally, Germany, and Russia. Van Wieren has curated performance for the Southern Theater, Ritz Theater, Bryant Lake Bowl Theater, and Soo Visual Art Center. She was also a 2018 McKnight Choreographer Fellow. Van Wieren's future work includes exploring the poetics of the human body within the architecture of large parks, mega gyms, art galleries and small theaters.

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