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Abjectify: A Multimedia Exhibition

Show Runs:

January 28 - March 24, 2002

Curator: Suzy Greenberg

Abjectify was a multi-media exhibition of contemporary art featuring artworks that explore the idea of the “abject.” The term abject is defined as “contemptible,” “despicable,” “miserable,” “wretched.” These are the things to which we hope to define ourselves in opposition. We desire the abject, yet almost immediately come up against its threat, lodged either outside or inside of us. Drawn to it, we find we must turn it away, reject it. This rejection is the body’s protection—vomiting up the poison, expelling waste. The exhibition Abjectify approached the category of the abject as an ever-present aspect of the human condition. The exhibition presented the work of six artists; work that contemplates, mines, even dwells in the abject.

Artists: Madeline McAlister, Frédéric Muñoz, Guy Nelson, Liseli Polivka, Christine Willcox, Sandy Maliga

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