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Collect Call 3: Exploring Art Patronage

Opening Reception:

Saturday, September 30, 2017-6-9PM

Show Runs:

September 23 - October 21

Collect Call 3 is a celebration of local collectors that champion art on a personal level. SooVAC has invited several local collectors to share artworks from their private collections, offering the public the opportunity to view works signifying a lifelong commitment to the arts and the artists that have ignited their passion for collecting.

Participating Collectors Include: Lori Barbero, Chris Barfield and Benjamin Brown, Connee and Fuller Cowles, Marc Davis, Kathryn Hanna, Jason Howard, Masami Kawazato and Aaron Merrill, Justin and Susan Kelly, Herman J. Milligan, Jr. Ph.D., Robyne Robinson, and Tom Siler and Joan Vorderbruggen.

The role of the arts collector is vital and complex; it is an investment in the life and legacy of the artists that find a place in their collections. This exhibition offers an insight into the relationships forged between collectors and artists, presenting a sampling of artwork that inspired these art lovers to find a space in their homes to live with the work on a daily basis.

Many of the works in Collect Call 3 were acquired directly from the artist, frequently unviewed in a public exhibition, providing audiences an opportunity to experience these works for the first time. One collector has chosen to exhibit artwork of the artists he collects that are not in his collection so the works can be for sale. Each of these collections offers a variety and richness derived from the diverse personal visions of each collector.

The notion of collecting for me embodies the notion of a life's journey filled with creative objectives made by friends and strangers that provides me with a source of energy and inspiration every day. To me, it is also about activating it (the collection) for the common good. -Herman J. Milligan, Jr. Ph.D.

This exhibition is made possible in part by the support Tom Hoch and Mark Addicks along with our participating collectors.

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