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Double Vision Quest: A New Site Specific Installation by Paintallica

Opening Reception:

Friday, June 17, 2016 - 6-9PM

Show Runs:

June 17 – July 16, 2016

Participating Paintallica Members: Jesse Albrecht - Bozeman, MT, Josh Anderson - Milwaukee, WI, Dan Attoe – Portland, OR, Gordon Barnes - Portland, OR, Josh Black - Los Angeles, Jamie Boling - Iowa City, IA, Brandon Buckner - Chattanooga, TN, Bruce Conkle - Portland, OR, Shelby Davis - Portland, OR, Josh Doster - Iowa City, David Dunlap - Iowa City, IA, Lori Gilbert - Portland, OR, Ben Moore - Decora, IA, Ralph Pugay - Portland, OR, Jay Schmidt - Bozeman, MT, Bruce Tapola – Minneapolis, MN, Josh Wilichowski - Stillwater, MN

Paintallica is a collaborative group of artist friends who have a mutual interest in building things and getting rowdy. Their installations emerge from a few days and nights of intense work, field research, discussion and horseplay. The work usually involves chainsaws, wood in many forms, paint (where they got their name), beer, drawing and a wide range of motor vehicles, circus lights and neon. Their imagery and tools are remnants of the working-class, the rural American roots of most of their members.

Their installations are improvised and largely specific to each site. An ongoing dialogue between members is at the core of Paintallica's process and informs how they approach each new project. Subject matter and direction for each installation emerges organically during field trips in the days leading up to an exhibition. These usually take place in some natural setting in close proximity of their host city, a few local bars and investigations into the cultural history of a place through museums, books and folklore.

Paintallica likes to work in “homebases” – cities where some of the group have roots, and where they feel a kinship to the culture. Part of their routine is to focus on finding receptive venues in places where they have fellow members to guide them on their field trips, and give them insight into the culture. The Twin Cities and surrounding area are home to several of their members, and several others in the group have history there, so they already have fertile ground to work with. While this will be Paintallica’s first show in Minneapolis, they hope to make work that begins a conversation with the larger community here, and that they are able to find their way back again.

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