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End of Times 3: Precious Time

An International Broadside Exchange

Opening Reception: Friday, February 22, 2019, 6-8PM

Show Runs: February 22 - March 15, 2019

This is a group show of letterpress printers and designers curated by Mary C. Bruno. It is the third installment of the End of Times print exchange series. The first one responded to the end of the Mayan Calendar (12/21/12) and included 35 printers from around the nation.  The second series End of Times 2: The Time is Now, coincided with the 2016 U.S. presidential inauguration. End of Times 2 brought returning and new, international printers together. Both exhibitions kicked off here in St. Joseph, Minnesota, and then went on to tour around the United States and abroad.


As Mary transitions toward new endeavors she has again organized a group of printer/designers to finish End of Times as a trilogy. End of Time 3: Precious Time ends the series on a hopeful note of gratitude for the insight artists provide during troubling times.


Each of the 32 artists designed and printed an edition of 65 prints on NEW Neenah Cotton Letterpress Fluorescent White 110C.

List of Artists


  1. Celene Aubrey-Run with Scissors, Please!-Nashville, TN

  2. Ro Barragan-Ilusion Grafica-Buenos Aires, Argentina

  3. Erin Beckloff-Inky Winke Press-Springboro, OH

  4. Laura Bentley-Pinwheel Press-Seattle, WA

  5. Mare Blocker-The MKimberly Press-Seattle, WA

  6. Mary Bruno-Bruno Press-St. Joseph, MN

  7. Angie Butler-AB Press-Bristol, UK

  8. Stephanie Carpenter-Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum-Two Rivers, WI

  9. Monica Edwards Larson-Sister Black Press-Minneapolis, MN

  10. Dan Elliot-Pieces of Craft-Greenville, NC

  11. Clint Harvey-The Bacon Factory-Queensland, Australia

  12. Cindy Iverson-Letterpress Central-Phoenix, AZ

  13. Amos Paul Kennedy-Kennedy Prints!-Detroit, MI

  14. Craig Malmrose-Trade Union Press-Ayden, NC

  15. Scott Murphy-Befuddled Press-St. Joseph, MN

  16. Jessica Peterson-The Southern Letterpress-New Orleans, LA

  17. Kim Petters-Vandalia Street Press-Minneapolis, MN

  18. Kim Randsell-The Collective Press-Bloomington, IN

  19. Amy Redmond-Amada Press-Seattle, WA

  20. Jules Remedios Faye-Stern and Faye Printers-Mount Vernon, WA

  21. Lisa Beth Robinson-Somnambulist Tango Press-Greenville, NC

  22. Chip Schilling-Indulgence Press-Minneapolis, MN

  23. CB Sherlock-Seymour Press-Minneapolis, MN

  24. Jessica Spring-Springtide Press-Tacoma, WA

  25. Mel Stockwell-The Calico Press-Birmingham, IA

  26. Gota Svennson-Tryckkammaren-Deisbo, Sweden

  27. Kseniya Thomas-Thomas Printers-Ogden, UT

  28. Laura Thoms-Red Press-McDonald Observatory, TX

  29. Jan-Willem Van der Looij-Mizdruk Ink’orporated-Eindhoven, Netherlands

  30. Eileen Wallace-Mile Wide Press-Athens, GA

  31. Jenny Wilkson-Wilkson-Seattle, WA

  32. Tammy and Adam Winn-The Red Door Press-Des Moines, IA

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