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Hot 3-Way Action: Work by Scott Stulen, Bruce Tapola, and Erik Ullanderson

Opening Reception:

Saturday, September 10, 2011 6-11pm

Show Runs:

September 10 - October 22, 2011

Closing Reception & Location Produced Catalog Release:

October 22, 2011 6-9pm

Hot 3-Way Action features artwork by Scott Stulen, Bruce Tapola and Erik Ullanderson, whose work explores how meaning is created and deconstructed through images. Their work seeks to create unexpected, humorous and sometimes jarring juxtapositions through a variety of mediums and processes. With a shared admiration and respect of each other’s art, they approach Hot 3-Way Action as not merely a group exhibition, but as an opportunity to work collaboratively. Instead of presenting a static exhibition Stulen, Tapola and Ullanderson will treat the space as a working studio, revealing their process and practice, as well as success and failure through the duration of the exhibition. By allowing their work to intersect and transform through the collaborative process an evolving dialogue is created, where the artists and the audience can see an ever-changing perspective.

Scott Stulen’s work encompasses the entirety of his professional activities as a curator, programmer, writer and studio artist. This wide range of artistic production is united by an exploration of how shared cultural memory, in particular memory based on specific images, texts, and popular media can slip into fiction or fabrication, creating a partial truth recalled as authentic memory or experience. Through appropriation of trivial, humorous or adolescent references, his work subtlety speaks to deeper issues of failure, loss, hope and anxiety.

Bruce Tapola’s work explores the meaning and experience of images after their original context and history are removed. He borrows from an endless reservoir of images and materials, everything has the potential for him to deconstruct and reconstruct investing new dialogue into his idiosyncratic juxtapositions. His work spans disciplines incorporating painting, drawing and mixed media sculpture, all coming together to reveal a sardonic humor and self-referential melancholy.

Erik Ullanderson focuses on the first thought that enters his head, including the complexities, difficulties and confusions of personal communication. By examining the interconnectedness of people and situations, Ullanderson elaborates on the humorous or awkward misunderstandings that may occur in the context of everyday activities though his art. Ullanderson creates work that shows the reality that lies just under the surface of what could be deemed a normal existence.

About the Location Volumes

An experiment in publishing, Location combines a gallery exhibition paradigm with an unmediated, compact experience of artists' projects free from editorialization. By showcasing the work unaccompanied by didactics and commercial content, Location emphasizes a direct line of conversation between the visual artist and the viewer. Location is edited and produced by Scott Nedrelow and Ruben Nusz.

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