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Juxapoz Art - Culture Magazine

Show Runs:

March 24 - April 22, 2006

SooVAC partnered with contemporary art gallery, Ox-op, and Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine to present work being referred to as an underground explosion of street art. Over 70 artists representing many ethnic and social backgrounds were chosen to exhibit their work at the two Minneapolis galleries. Many of these artists in this flourishing genre are young urban artists who are mostly self-taught and have been considered outside of the traditional fine arts arena. The true success of these artists has been the ability to raise and build a cult status and fan base with their highly engaging, accessible and credible quality of work. The focus of this exhibition is to expose audiences in our area the momentum of this inventive, artistically challenging movement.


Aesthetic Apparatus, Kii Arens, Attaboy, Ausgang, Oksana Badrak,Glenn Barr, Gary Baseman, Scott Bibus, Bigfoot, Tim Biskup, Jim Blanchard, Sabrina Brewer, Buffmonster, Ray Caesar,Colin Christian, Sas Christian, Dave Cooper, Dalek, Mark Dancey, Shepard Fairey, Doze Green, Ryan Greis, Naoto Hattori, Jamie Hayon,Seanna Hong, Aaron Horkey, Caroline Hwang, Nathan Jurevicius, Yuniko Kayukawa, Tim Kerr, Dave Kinzey, Ryan Kelly, Charels Krafft,John Largaespada, Robert Marbury, Chris Mars, Angie Mason, Rob McBroom, Liz McGrath, Tara McPherson, Junko Mizuno,Mark Mothersbaugh, Scott Musgrove, Niagara, Martin Ontiveros, Mackie Osbourne, Pizz, Pooch , Camille Rose Garcia, KRK Ryden,Chris Ryniak, Shag, Mark Smith (Hedcheq), Jeff Soto, Bwana Spoons, Gary Taxali, Ben Tour, Robert Williams, Keiko Yagishita

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