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Miracles & Happenstance:
Work by Donovan Durham and Bonnie Thorne

Opening Reception:

Saturday, September 10, 2016 - 6 - 9pm

Show Runs:

September 10 - October 22

Miracles and Happenstance describes the journey of Bonnie Thorne and Donovan Durham’s path in life intersecting with the Interact Center for Visual and Performing Arts and their fast friendship.

Donovan Durham spent most of his life in Pennsylvania dreaming of a career as an artist showing all over the world with his own studio but it seemed the circumstances were stacked against his dream coming true. Until one day, on which he recalls, he heard a voice tell him to go to Saint Paul, Minnesota where he would be happy and people would take care of him. In following this message Donovan was able to cultivate the career he had always hoped for surrounded by people who cared for him and who kept him safe.

Bonnie Thorne came to the Interact Center on a whim, never having painted or drawn before in her life. Her housemate turned down his reserved spot on the tour of the studio which Bonnie quickly took advantage of, taking his place. Although slow to start, her artistic skills blossomed with her brave and optimistic nature; first in sketchbooks, then small paintings in watercolor, to large scale works in mixed media. The work of Thorne and Durham shows an idealistic whimsy reflected from their lives through color and rhythm, bringing their playful natures to the forefront. Although the two artists were never meant to intersect, through miracle and happenstance they did, creating a fast, beautiful friendship over the past three years through art, life, and chance.

Bonnie Thorne - 1951
Following my stroke, my kids helped me get started on journaling. From there I started to do a lot of sketching, drawing a picture or two of the things I was writing about each day. Of all mediums, I especially like painting and coloring, preferring to use watercolor and watercolor pencils. In some recent classes I’ve gained some experience working with clay and sculpture. Although it isn’t something I’d be able to do at home, I am interested and would like to become more invested. Ideas and inspirations just kind of come to me, and I’ve done a little bit of everything as far as subjects go. Most notable are my cat pictures (once dressed up as The Beatles) and my fun-loving books. Jamie and Deb also put on a landscaping class that I really enjoyed, but animals are my favorite. My favorite painting, The Garden Angel, is filled with them!

Donovan Durham - 1961 - 2016
Donovan is a self-taught artist who has drawn and painted since he was young. His paintings refl­ect a deeply spiritual nature and often depict landscapes imbued with spiritual symbolism. Donovan's drawings focus on a cartoon style, sometimes resulting in a complete comic series. He develops characters and storylines for cartoons based loosely on events in his own life; some characters are living people, historical figures such as well-known musicians, and some are his own creation based on his “movie stories”. Several of Donovan's works have been exhibited across the country and one of his favorite paintings is on display in Keith Ellison's office in Washington D.C.

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