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Mutable Dramas With Several Characters or Understanding The Pink Man: New Work by Samual Weinberg

Opening Reception:

Saturday, April 11, 2015, 6-10PM

Show Runs:

April 11 - May 23, 2015

Mutable Dramas With Several Characters or Understanding The Pink Man is a journey into the enigmatic narrative paintings of Samual Weinberg. These vivid oil and acrylic works delve into history both real and imagined, a culmination of influences that form a new reality within the context of the painting. His paintings feature reoccurring characters of different visual influence, from crude cartoons to renaissance portraiture, interacting with one another in varying circumstances and spaces.

These parallels, repetitions, and echoes call the narrative continuity of this body of work into question, while ultimately also addressing exactly where each scene is taking place, or when – not only in terms of duration and the extent each piece displays a separation of time, but also on an art historical and cultural continuum. Here, time and space are disjointed, relationships are unsure, and patterns appear and disappear. An uncertain narrative begins to unfold, leaving the viewer to sift through it and make these connections between the familiar and the outlandish.

In Weinberg’s work personas depicted stem from many visual sources, using images from Facebook, screen captures from films, gestures or parts from paintings hundreds of years old, or google image search. Removed from their original identifiers and placed in a new scene of his own concoction, Samual leaves the viewer floating on a brightly colored field of hallucinatory hints and dreamlike insinuations. His paintings are brimming with imagery firmly imbedded in the cultural zeitgeist all pointing to possible narratives, however concrete answers are allusive.

His paintings utilize bold color and pattern choices to embrace the glaringly artificial while still managing to sprinkle in subtler organic references, Weinberg builds a psychological stage in his work interspersing expert renderings with more infantilized cartoons. And all of this effortlessly comes together as an unsettling and absurdly humorous rumination on the human condition.

Samual Weinberg received his BFA from the University of Wisconsin-Stout in 2013. Samual has exhibited throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin, as well as receiving several student awards from UW-Stout.

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