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My Thoughts Drift North:
New Work by Nicholas A Carroll

Opening Reception:

Saturday, November 4, 6-9PM

Show Runs:

November 4 - December 24

In My Thoughts Drift North Nicholas A Carroll’s work combines created two-dimensional and three-dimensional elements with found and appropriated objects and images. This new work is deeply rooted in Carroll’s desire to connect and contribute to a world that suffers from heightened states of fear and hatred caused by the global influx of cultural dissemination. Carroll examines how the advent of the Internet has radically and fundamentally changed the way in which individuals and cultures consume, produce, and curate information. This fundamental shift has allowed for further examinations of image and object representation, dissemination, production, and reproduction.

When placing an image into a room it is vital to take into account the manner in which the placement of that object is addressed. This includes the objects sharing the space in addition to the characteristics and history of the space itself. In his work he seeks to explore these connections and the conversation afforded by this modality of thinking and object representation. Going further Carroll argues that worthwhile art is not merely an ostentatious object on display, but a three-way conversion between artist, viewer, and space.

The resulting conversation invariably functions as an extension of self and window to personal histories of all parties. He does this through re-purposing of contemporary and historical images, objects, and works; combining these forms with original imagery to create infinitely available compositions. The photo collages, in My Thoughts Drift North, will be presented as long panel wall pieces where Carroll will then paint directly on them and the gallery walls making the space a unified element of the exhibition. In selecting his components Carroll searches for visceral or intellectual feedback that connects past and present emotional narratives in a ubiquitous yet deeply personal narrative.

Nicholas's Artist Statement:
"I have come to know Art as a very narrow but very deep mode of expressing creativity whereas I have come to define creativity as the act of completing a personally unique connection between one or more network of elements. Art is not bound by any predetermined parenthetically imposed criteria but exists instead solely through a basis of necessity. Creativity, both implicit and explicit, allows exposure to unique experience combinations which invariably increases one’s tolerance of the individuality found internally and externally in the world. A life, if void of creativity, therefore results in a difficulty to accept that which one does not possess the past referential experience of. The real power of Art is thus found through the quantifiable realization of tolerance through promotion of a creative existence. It is because of this that art objects exist as mere shells of the importance found in the action exhibited through the personal and cultural innovations they signify when during their conception or at a latter stage through viewership. As such my burning desire for the need to champion Art’s ability for quantifiable action over the banal pliability of aesthetic now guides my deep interest in the complex narrative found at the intersection of the personal and universal histories present in the aesthetic experience.

The world sadly is filled with heightened states fear and hatred caused by the global influx of cultural dissemination. This change in experience has resulted in a divided push for escapism into past realizations of nationalized cultural existence for those whose level of tolerance is unmoved at the promise of a united global identity. While in my finite capacity I possess no great solution, I can speak to my acquired understanding, gained through the power of creative exposure, that at the end of all expression lies the uniting truth of existence. This, being humanity's greatest common bond, is from which one can learn the ultimate truth that all living beings invariably possess more similarities than differences.

My goal for my work is not to revolutionize any visual experience but rather push Art’s realization beyond the retinal, conceptual and into the actual. Into a space where it is possible for Art to serve as a bastion for the power of creativity to incite change in a divided world. To accomplish this I look to exercise a continued commitment to the lifelong donation of all proceeds from the sale of my work to organizations not affiliated with the creative process. With this the simple gesture I hope to spread a message of Art’s ability for positive quantifiable action."

Nicholas's Show Statement:
"I created this work during my time in Florida where my new job is and Minnesota where my home is. I have tried very hard lately to live by what Viktor Frankl calls the last of all human rights; The right to chose one’s attitude in any given circumstance. As such I have tried to bare my emotional burden but have not always been able to furtively do so. Often my feelings of loneliness and sadness have been all consuming as I search to answer to what purpose my life stands for."

Nicholas A Carroll is a Minneapolis, MN based artist. He was a 2013 recipient of the International Sculpture Center’s Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture, a 2014 Jerome Emerging Artists Fellowship Finalist and 2015/16 Semi-Finalist and his work has been featured in Sculpture Magazine. He has exhibited locally including shows at the Burnett Gallery, Fox Tax Gallery, Gamut Gallery, Rosalux Gallery, SOO Local and in projects with the Walker Art Center. Nationally his work has been exhibited at Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ, the New Orleans Contemporary Art Center in Louisiana and Present Works in Milwaukee WI as well as internationally at the Rick Banger Gallery, London, UK.  He is a graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design receiving a BFA in Fine Arts Studio in Winter 2013.

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