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A Conversation Between Mara Duvra and Prerna

Please Join us at the gallery on Sunday November 10th from 2:00-3:30pm for a conversation between Mara Duvra and Prerna .

Mara Duvra combines photographic images and poetic text to create her exhibition "And When the Sun Rises". This exhibition continues to build on her larger body of work, Tending: meditations on interiority and Blackness, an ongoing project that centers softer visual representations of women of color, using poetic and ephemeral imagery to understand Blackness beyond public identities. This will be an installation of interior landscapes that encourage stillness and reflection.

Prerna’s performative installation, "Today, we become", is an ever-changing installation until it eventually disappears. Prerna’s work questions our need to conceal unseen systems and our compliance with forceful self-categorization, frequently referencing her own experiences as a non-resident alien. The white walls of the gallery will become the sculptural canvas for this exhibition. The inherent whiteness of these walls falsely present as a symbol of neutrality. Through the course of the exhibition she will explore this environment that is defined by pristine emptiness, and will work towards reverting the space back to that emptiness. Asking the question of what happens if an empty white cube is all that is there.

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