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Artists Interviews for Take Root Among the Stars: God is Change

In July and July of 2022, Gregory Rose curated Take Root Among the Stars: God is Change.

Listed below are the featured artists’ interviews and biographies:

Marcus Rothering (he/him)

Rothering is a Minneapolis-based artist who is currently enrolled in the University of Minnesota’s graduate art program.

Sarah White (she/her)

White is a Minneapolis multidisciplinary artist who works in experimental, body and musical work.

Erica Maria Littlejohn (they/them)

Littlejohn recently graduated from the Chicago Art Institute with a graduate degree in textiles. Littlejohn currently works in Chicago.

Ta-Coumba Aiken (he/him)

For the last 50 years, Twin Cities artist Ta-Coumba has created a robust abstract career. His work is currently on display at the Walker.

Barber (he/him)

Barber is a Chicago-based artist whose colorful geometric work fuses bold imagery and prompts the viewer to reflect.

Alexandra Beaumont (she/her)

Beaumont is a Minneapolis-based textile artist and works at the intersection of personal and collective preservation, restoration, and expansion.

Monica Brown (she/her)

Interdisciplinary artist exploring the intersections between visual art, sound, movement, poetry, prose & performance.

Amirah Cunningham (she/her)

Cunningham is a Cleveland conceptual visual artist.

Nicole Davis (she/her)

Davis is an Illinois-based artist who creates abstract paintings and textiles.

Christopher E. Harrison (he/him)

Harrison is a Minneapolis-based painter.

Stephanie Lindquist (she/they)

Lindquist is a Midwest transplant who recently graduated from the University of Minnesota graduate art program. Lindquist’s work explores the intersection of art and nature.

Taj Matumbi (he/him)

Matumbi is a Madison-based painter who recently received his graduate degree from the University of Wisconsin’s fine arts program.

Lela Pierce (she/her)

Pierce is a Minneapolis artist who recently received her MFA from the University of Minnesota’s art program.

Kehayr Brown-Ransaw (he/him)

Brown-Ransaw’s is a Minneapolis-based interdisciplinary artist, educator, and curator.

Bruce Armstrong (he/him)


Armstrong is an Ohio-based artist who dove into his abstract art practice in retirement.

Art by E.Lewis (Karen Griffen) (she/her)

E.Lewis is a Kansas City performance and textile artist.

Naima Lowe (she/her)

Lowe is a Tulsa-based writer, visual artist and filmmaker who utilizes the alchemical magic of African-American, queer and disabled world making.

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