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Drinking Water with Alejandro (Junyao) Zhang from Instagram LIVE, recorded Wednesday, May 6th

The entire mediative experience is HERE.

"During the quarantine, do you feel riddled with anxiety, crippled with the existential pain? If so, please join me on this meditation journey by learning how to drink a glass of water with me. You know these days going outside is tough. You might feel angry, depressed, and bored with the same food you eat every single day. Why not just focusing on a glass of water, to make it delicious, to make it more alive to you." -Zhang Alejandro (Junyao) Zhang is a Chinese interdisciplinary artist who builds the relationship between performance, electronic music, and videos. His 23-years lived experience in China has shaped his artistic vision. He creates artworks that explore the visibility of queer Chinese identity by re-envisioning gallery space as a dance club and bringing Chinese cultural impacts. Zhang has participated in solo and group exhibitions, showing works including the Untitled 16: SooVAC’s 16th Juried Exhibition to perform his piece YAY Pt. 2.5. Zhang graduated from Shanghai Ocean University with a double degree of Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Management. He was the director and artistic adviser of Student Art Troupe of Shanghai Ocean University from 2016 to 2018, participating in nation-wide dancing, chorus, and symphony competition. Zhang is currently pursuing an MFA in Visual Studies at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, studying interdisciplinary with performance and mixed media focus.

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