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Live Studio Visit with Alison Hiltner

Thanks to everyone that joined us for a live studio visit with Alison Hiltner, you can meet Henry and see her basement gallery. Visit this LINK to watch the whole event recorded on April 22nd 7:00-8:00pm. Alison Hiltner is a visual artist and the Associate Director of Soo Visual Arts Center. Hiltner has exhibited nationally and internationally in solo and group exhibitions, some of her recent credits include exhibitions at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Telemark Art Center in Skien, Norway and the Weisman Art Museum. She has received Minnesota State Arts and MRAC/McKnight Foundation Next Step Grants, the Jerome Fellowship in 2011/12 and an Artists on the Verge Northern Lights/Jerome Foundation fellowship in 2013/14. Along with being a 2018/19 McKnight Fellow in Visual Arts, she was part of an experimental cohort through the Weisman Art Museum and the University of Minnesota’s School of Medicine. Hiltner has up coming exhibitions at Gustavus Adolphus's Schaefer Gallery (as part of the Nobel Conference), Tarble Arts Center at Eastern Illinois University, The Minnesota Museum of American Art and the Weisman Art Museum.

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