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Star Tribune Critics' picks: Roshan Ganu's 'Gazing Into the Full Moon Night'

Updated: May 24

Ganu's show is featured in the Star Tribune.

Roshan Ganu's 'Gazing Into the Full Moon Night'

A moon with eyes drifts across the gallery wall. Projections of eyes peer out and watch the night skies. A mystical overlapping of light and dark covers the gallery walls in Minneapolis-based artist Roshan Ganu's dreamy solo exhibition at SooVac Gallery. In this multimedia and multilingual installation and experimental walk into light and color, Ganu offers a space for exploration. Ganu, born in Goa, India, speaks six languages — Marathi, her native language, English, Konkani, Hindi, Portuguese and French — and in this show languages also serve as levels of understanding. Her solo exhibition ponders the isolation of the immigrant experience, while also telling visual stories inspired by her mother and grandmother. Rather than using words directly, her artworks are rife with neon, mirrors, reflections of water and handmade papier-mâché sculptures.

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