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Provisional Congruencies: New Work by Robert Kolomyski

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 7, 2013 6-9PM

Show Runs: September 7-October 19, 2013

Provisional Congruencies, examines Robert Kolomyski’s current investigations into the development of a distinctive painterly language in conversation with the post-industrial affects of a cultural shift from ‘hand’ to ‘screen-based’ labor. His paintings are richly layered tapestries of color and texture; the oil paint becomes a visceral material creating heavy gestures on his canvases. The work combines diverse source material from computer-aided design to tinker toys as a means for creating elaborately coded imagery with a playful personal cipher for what is and what could be.

Kolomyski’s paintings present a world of chaotic infrastructure, continuously under construction: “Playful in their shuffling of category and congruency, the evocative structures fiddle with the fallacy of ever really knowing a thing, and revel in the visceral nature of the search for meaning in material.”

Robert James Kolomyski is a painter and professor based in St. Paul, Minnesota. He received a Master of Fine Arts in painting in 2007 from a three-year intensive program at Michigan State University. Recently, he has shown at several national and international galleries and museums including the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art in Texas, the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, in Taipei, Taiwan, the Ever Gold Gallery in San Francisco, CA and Max Fish Gallery in New York City, NY. Kolomyski’s work is also included in several juried publications, including, “International Painting Annual” by Manifest Press and “Studio Visit Volume 8” by The Open Studio Press. He has been a guest lecturer at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Dickinson College and Western Carolina University, and recently spoke at the 2011 South Eastern College Art Association national conference on the panel 'Virtual and Actual'. Robert has received several research fellowships and travel grants from Michigan State University.

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