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Visceral Dysentery: Deep Retardant Cuts Craft Dogma: HAZE XXL and MATH.i

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 6, 2013-7-11pm

Show Runs: April 6 - April 26, 2013



The work of HAZE XXL (aka Tom Hazelmyer) and MATH.i is perfectly described with one word, visceral. It is mad science at the height of its darkest incarnations - fast, raw and ripped open. But don’t mistake instinctual image making for careless design. Both of these artists have an unrelenting attention to detail; HAZE XXL’s linocuts are low-fi mastery with each hand pulled print retaining its individuality by the “noise” created with the ink and MATH.i takes collage to the limits of aesthetically pleasing perversion.

Printmaker, musician and entrepreneur Tom Hazelmyer has been creating and publishing independent punk music for over 25 years. Amphetamine Reptile Records (AmRep) began in the early 1980s as a tiny record label run out of a hand grenade crate kept under Hazelmyer’s Marine Corps bunk. Blending music and visual arts is Hazelmyer’s passion, leading him to create LPs as art objects, works individually produced by hand become more than the music on the record.


VISCERAL DYSENTERY: DEEP RETARDANT CUTS CRAFT DOGMA is a collection of the physical manifestation of music making - the visual object. These particular objects are violent explosions of energy; HAZE XXL’s prints capture intense mark making reminiscent of German Expressionism if it were merged with classic grindhouse subject matter, while MATH.i’s haunting and hilariously twisted collage blends source material into an epic narration of world’s even Darger wouldn’t have thought of. Together these artists exemplify the aesthetics of a movement Hazelmyer defined over 25 years ago, with instincts that continue to keep these concepts new.

MATH.i is a self taught artist living in Minnesota. He enjoys birds on the dinner table and refers to pocket change as shrapnel.

Seawhores, performing on April 6th at 10pm, is a multimedia project active since 1996 with a main focus on music and film. They have collaborated with over 50 different artists nationally and internationally creating experimental music, art installations, elaborate pranks and even film work for corporate television. Their musical compositions are anthropological soundscapes - borrowing and stitching together rituals from the most esoteric of cultures. Finding inspiration in multimedia luminaries such as John Cage, Merce Cunningham and Robert Rauschenberg, Seawhores are constructing work that bridges the gap between modern dance and high concept musical experimentation. They have released over 20 albums and in a serendipitous moment, crossed paths with Tom Hazelmyer and Math.i. In late 2011 Seawhores released an LP with Amphetamine Reptile Records that included 26 individual covers designed by Hazelmyer and Math.i, all limited editions of 20, released only as an A side. This exhibition’s opening reception will mark the launch of the B side and conclusion to this series.

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