The Pandemic School by Peng Wu

Join Peng Wu and guest artists for making, chatting, collaborating and sharing.

Peng Wu spent nearly two years in China from October 2019 to August 2021 when he could finally return to the US. 

"Due to my visa status and the US travel ban I couldn't return to this place, a place I have lived for eight years and considered my home. But my heart is full of gratitude for what happened. Without this pandemic I would have continued to keep living the life I was accustomed to, which I now know was full of attachments. The artists I admire have also learned so much through their pandemic lives. Sharing and learning can be a valuable contribution to the healing of the communities impacted by the pandemic. More critically we need to start building our cultural “immunity system” to the fear, hatred, and division that has proven to also be a symptom of the  pandemic. The Pandemic School is a platform where I will collaborate with artists to develop participatory workshops to share their learnings during the pandemic." -Peng Wu

December schedule:
December 4: Burning Jin Paper by Peng Wu
December 5: Coiling Together by Alonzo Pantoja
December 9: Making by Maxwell McInnis
December 11: CounterSpaces by Yuko Taniguci
December 12: Quarantine Newsroom Collage by Christopher E. Harrison

January schedule will be coming soon with workshops led by Aki Shibata, Bobby Marines, and Prerna. Follow the link below to The Pandemic School website for more information on the artists, each workshop and to register for the workshops. Attendance is limited, so be sure to sign up now.


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