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Bunny: Animals in Contemporary Art

Show Runs:

November 18 - December 15, 2005

This show featured nine artists whose work depicts animals in one form or another. With this exhibition, Soo VAC displayed a wide range of artists and media, in an attempt to gain insight into the aesthetic and cultural phenomenon of the animal in contemporary art. Through surveying a number of artists working with animal imagery or themes, Soo VAC investigated questions such as, Why are animals a significant theme in contemporary art? What function does the animal serve for the artist? How does the viewer relate to animals in art through fear and empathy.

Artists: Larissa Bates, Bill Gorcica, Mark Hosford, Robert Marbury, Georgia Mrazkova, Juliette Oken, Robert Perkins, Andréa Stanislav, Anastasia Ward.

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