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Three: Work by Amelia Biewald, John Largaespada, Ana Lois-Borzi

Show Runs:

September 16 - October 23, 2005

These artists disparate works were brought together in contrast, but each with a similarly whimsical element. Amelia Biewald uses nontraditional materials including latex, bleach, and resin to capture a world of medical sterility decorated by forms that are overripe with the deformity and decay of opulence. The work of Ana Lois-Borzi is a product of the culture and literature of her homeland of Argentina. Ana explores the notion of the labyrinth through installation, sculpture, and drawing. John Largaespada situates models and costumes into digitally composed settings using bright colors, photo manipulation, and narrative techniques. Largaespada engages in a process of development and exploration, traversing and translating the terrain and languages of various media.

Artists: Amelia Biewald, John Largaespada, Ana Lois-Borzi

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