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Sean Connaughty & Lee Anne Swanson-Peet

Show Runs:

November 17 - January 4

Gallery 1: Sean Connaughty - Tansy, Bluegrass, Poison Hemlock

Gallery 2: Lee Anne Swanson-Peet - Bond Girl: paintings inspired by the 007 films

This show exhibits the work of two emerging artists, Sean Connaughty and Lee Anne Swanson-Peet. The gallery space was divided into two and considered them each as individual shows. “Two One Person Shows” is designed to give emerging artists the opportunity to put together and exhibit a full body of work. Connaughty and Swanson are both emerging artists from the Twin Cities—young and relatively successful, but have yet to have a big solo show or a large grant. This is meant to be a chance to help get them to the next level.

"Tansy, Bluegrass....." features paintings by Sean Connaughty. The exhibition includes large-scale paintings, which incorporate the ingredients listed in the show’s title. The Majority of this work was created at the Blacklock Nature Sanctuary, where Connaughty was a 2003 artist fellow.

Lee Anne Swanson-Peet presents this body of work comprised of over 40 paintings. The Bond Girl paintings are based on photographs of James Bond movies taken off the television screen.

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