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Draw 2004

Show Runs:

November 15 - December 24, 2004

Contemporary artwork has spun outwards into myriad forms, employing performative, sculptural, and/or technological media to create varied forms and styles. Draw examines the medium of drawing only, the most basic, arguably the first learned medium, and finds an equally variant array of forms, styles, and techniques. As such we find, rather than an expansive spinning outward made possible by experimentation with different media combinations, within one isolated field there is proof of an equally elaborate blossoming from within.

Draw features the work of more than seventy artists (our largest show to date). There is no thematic or conceptual premise for this show; the intent is to exhibit the broad range of current drawing works from a large pool of artists. Of the seventy participating artists, the majority reside in MN, with others coming from several states on the East Coast, CA, and surrounding Midwestern states. Works range from naïve line drawings, to detailed realism, from graphic prints to painterly styles.


Zac Adams, Rich Barlow, Math Bass, Larissa Bates, Charles Beneke, Mary Bergs-Cruse, Amelia Biewald, Dan Black, Ariana Boussard-Reifel, David Bowen, Miranda Brandon, Samuel Brown, Daniel Buettner, Stephanie Carlson, Kelly Clark, Jennifer Davis, Amalia Devora Lavari, John Diebel, Tim Dieterle, Janice Essick, Gregory Euclide, Olivia Fite, Marie Emily Gardeski, Michael T. Gaughan, Manuel Geerinck, Mary Gibney, Chris Hajny, Kurt Halsey, Liz Harris, Dusty Herbig, Kirk Hiatt, Nathan Hinz, Nathan Holtz, Mark Hosford, Keiko Ishii, Julie Jao, Bethany Kalk, Michael Krueger, Alex Kuno-Langston, Alexander Kvares, Katrina Lamb, Judith Levy, Emily Litjens, Jesse Lonergan, Andy Messerschmidt, Todd Mitchell, Scott Neff, Andrew Neher, Kelly Newcomer, Doug Padilla, Terry Payne, Daniel Peet, Jesse Petersen, Mary Reid, Amy Rice, Joey Rizzo, Eryk Salvaggio, Herb Sargent, Justin Thomas Schaefer, Jason Schoch, Ryan Alan Simonson, Brett Smith, Jennie Smith, Lindsay Smith, Sean Smuda, Valerie Snobeck, Mitchell Squire, Laura Stack, Scott Stulen, Ric Stultz, Kirk Taylor, Gretchen Thayer, James Tsang, Virginia Tyson, Peter Vanderveldelux, Jesse Vestermark, Angela Vogt, John Vogt and Megan Vossler

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