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Hysteria: Exhibition on Obsession, Repetition, & Personal Reality

Show Runs:

January 26 - March 21, 2004

Hysteria is an exhibition about obsession, repetition and personal reality. The artists are challenged to display their obsessive nature in their artwork. For some this is about everyday actions, while for others it brings out deep-seeded issues or childhood trauma.

For example, in David Hamlow’s ongoing project titled “friends’ portrait project,” he corralled over 100 people to sit for a portrait, which he draws in a carbon copy receipt box. The result is a white copy portrait, a yellow receipt portrait (that the subject gets to keep) and finally the carbon paper negative. All three copies are exhibited in this installation.

Also in the show is “Portrait Series” by Nicole C. Russell, a series of photographs of people’s daily pill regiments, including prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs, and supplements. The photos call attention to the mass consumption of pharmaceuticals and supplements by the average American between the ages of 25-55 years. “Miss America,” by Edie Tsong, is a video documentation of the artist’s eight-hour walk through Portland, OR. During the walk the artist donned a blond wig, an ill-fitting ball gown and a Miss America sash. Awkward at first, by the end of the walk Tsong’s costume became no different from any other costume she might wear on a daily basis.


Amy Digennaro

David Hamlow

Theodore Kersten

Nori Pao

Nicole Russel

Karen Snouffer

Edie Tsong

Michelle Weinberg

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