MN Art Mart at is an instant way to help artists who rely on income from contract labor, traveling gigs, and sales of work, who have been adversely affected by the events of COVID-19. As we reinvent how we live and work during this unprecedented time, online platforms for supporting each other are more important than ever. This idea was brought to us by Teréz Iacovino, a visual artist and Assistant Curator for the University of Minnesota’s Katherine E. Nash Gallery. 


We’ll be acting as a hub to link you to artists’ individual platforms so that 100% of your money will go directly to the artists.


Any artist can be featured on MN Art Mart by emailing the following info to


  • 1-3 images representative of the kinds of work you sell

  • 1 sentence bio

  • 1 sentence description of your practice and/or the work for sale.

  • A link to the platform/s you sell work through (i.e. website, Instagram, Etsy, etc.)

We will be adding artists when we get your information, and updating this page twice a week. Once we start populating this page we'll post a thumbnail of the work below and then you can click on the image for complete artist information.


Mari M Mondanelli
Mari M Mondanelli is a mixed media artist primarily working in painting, fibers and ceramics.

"Currently I am creating a series of works titled #CatsOnRugs with watercolor pencils, collage and marker. Commissions welcomed."

To purchase work, please contact Mari via direct message on Instagram.
María José Castillo
María José Castillo is a Colombian artist based in Minneapolis. Their work focuses on printed media: screen printing, lettering, illustration and graphic design.

Find artwork for sale on their website or Instagram, @wordsareobjects
Stacey Combs - Stace of Spades
Stacey Combs (AKA stace of spades) is a Minneapolis-based fine artist and illustrator. Much of the work that she does is portraiture (animals, people, and bottles of beer), and she often works with themes of social justice and feminism, drawing attention to unfair and outdated social norms.
Toni Gallo
I am a painter, artist, teacher of mindful practices, living in NE Minneapolis.

The paintings are suggestive, figurative, landscape abstractions, naturally uncovering paradox through a balance between polished and raw, intuitive and intentional, as thick and awkward as they are effortless and natural.
Linda Seebauer Hansen
Linda Seebauer Hansen is a St. Paul, MN visual artist who designs and creates jewelry, sculpture and mixed media that combine traditional craft with a variety of techniques.
Laura Hanson
Laura Hanson is a colorful figurative painter from Minnesota who paints arcade settings, nightlife, vintage found photos and more.

"I have a long list of things to paint. I get burnt out from ideas easily so I’m constantly switching up my mediums, subjects and canvas sizes. Most of my work is for sale."
Cathy Durso
Cathy Durso is a Minneapolis-based artist creating work in a variety of media, inspired by her interests in science and nature. She has small works on paper and zines available in her online shop.
Jodi Reeb
Jodi Reeb has been as a full-time artist and teacher for over 23 years who graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design and her artwork has been shown nationally receiving numerous awards and is in many private and corporate collections.

Jodi works with nature-inspired subjects and these images were taken at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum “from the bee’s perspective”, printed on tissue and combined with Encaustic (beeswax) paint.
Polly Norman
Polly Norman worked in abstract media for over 25 years and my recent work is in New Media-Digital. Works for sale are archival pigment prints from digital files, LTD editions of 25 each.
Ginger Morgan
Ginger Morgan has been crocheting for over 55 years and making bespoke kippot for people with special needs on Etsy since 2012. The kippot are created with luxury fibers such as camelhair, silk, Alpaca & fine wools.

Instagram: @ecoutureMN
Ryan Ball
Ryan Ball is a potter in St. Paul, MN producing functional wares both on the potters wheel and slab-building with clay in my home studio. Ball moved to the Twin Cities from Louisiana to pursue a career in the arts, working for photo and pottery production companies while building his business.

Instagram: @ryanballpottery
Anne Spooner
Anne Spooner is a Minnesota based visual artist who has enjoyed exhibiting her work locally and nationally. Spooner's art focuses on a child/s fanciful daydreams juxtaposed with more truthful realities.

Instagram: @spooneranne
Christina Plichta
Christina Plichta paints plein air landscapes and flowers on-site in Midwestern parks and gardens, using oil or oil over casein paint with both palette knife and brush. Plichta paintings are emotionally uplifting and connect people with nature. Inventory includes garden flags and silk scarves digitally printed from my paintings.
Hallie Bahn
Hallie Bahn is a Minneapolis-based animator, interdisciplinary artist, and general person-of-all-trades.

Her clay jewelry line, Hallie & Fox, is playful, quirky, and ever-changing. Hallie finds inspiration in vintage wallpaper, body parts, and retro floral button-ups.

Instagram @halliebahn
Eddie Hamilton
Eddie Hamilton is a Minneapolis painter who explores the depths of painting from abstraction, realism, to expressive playful figurative works. Eddie's work is available for sale through his website or contacting the artist directly.



Rose Weselmann
My name is Rose Weselmann and I'm an abstract, multi media painter in Northeast Minneapolis, based out of the Casket Arts Building. I work through a series of mark making, building my compositions off of my materials' reactions to one another. It's a process that encourages patience and acceptance.

My primary materials are Yupo paper, acrylic inks and paints, and marker.
Thomas Bartlett
Thomas Bartlett is an Asian American artist and jewelry maker residing in central Minnesota.

Bartlett creates one of a kind wire wrapped and electroformed fine jewelry utilizing natural and cut gemstones.

Instagram @_whiskey_kitten
Stephen Garrett Dewyer
Stephen Garrett Dewyer is an artist living and working in Minnesota whose works have exhibited internationally.

Stephen Garrett Dewyer’s work is about how the dissemination of images from one location to another location always-already shows another subject inflecting the subject of the work.
Carl Clark
Carl Clark began painting in 2016, when he joined Interact Center for the Visual and Performing Arts. Known for his beautifully stark landscapes, almost all of his works feature his signature bold, wide-open skies.
Teresa Cox
St. Paul artist Teresa Cox explores our relationship with the natural world through color charged, patterned and symbolic constructs.

She sells paintings, small drawings in ink, collage and dimensional acrylic.
Camilo Aguirre
Camilo Aguirre is a Colombian Artist and Cartoonist, through his career he has published 5 books and numerous zines. Currently a Master of Fine arts Candidate at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Camilo Aguirre's practice is based on the approach of drawing as a series of contemporary strategies in order to display conceptual networks. The works here presented include printmaking (Screen printed watercolor, screen printing, woodcut) and illustration (Digital prints)
Amina Harper
Amina Harper is an emerging artist born in Minneapolis, MN where she currently works and resides. Intimacy is at the core of my work. The idea that, not only should gentle, loving, consensual and empathetic expressions be the cornerstone of our relationships to others, but that those sublime elements should appear in every aspect of our lives. We should wear them as crowns, drape them across our bodies, and catch them in the palms of our hands and hold them out for others to grasp.
Lucy Picasso
Lucy Picasso began her artistic career in 2008, when she joined Interact Center for the Visual & Performing Arts. Primarily focusing on portraiture, Picasso works across painting, drawing, and ceramics.
Julie Reneé
Julie Reneé is a Printmaker, Illustrator and Wood Sculptor whose hand-drawn, printed and carved works reflect the stories of plants, water and landscape. Her works for sale include original mono-prints, gicleé reproductions, and commissioned work. You can find her on instagram @jreneebenda, or email her at
LM Pederson
LM Pederson is a midwest digital and 3D artist whose work draws inspiration from the dark dungeons of tabletop games, dusty Zoltar machines, divination, and religious art. I make a variety of items including resin art toys, original tarot decks, luck charms, patches and pins.
Christopher Harrison
Christopher E. Harrison (1965) is a fine artist, public artist and designer in Minneapolis. He has exhibited nationally and is currently an Arts Educator at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. His work uses abstract biomorphic shapes, vivid colors and collaged materials that speak to the Black cultural experience.
Shawn McNulty
Shawn McNulty is a contemporary painter known for his use of color and
innovative process whose work can be found in collections all over the
world. He has worked out of his Northeast Minneapolis studio for 20
years, and you can view and purchase original art and prints from his
Taylor Robers
I am a painter graduating from the University of Minnesota with a BFA and I focus on connecting people to the environment through art. I have paintings for sale and I'm open to commissions.
Instagram: @trobers_art
Michael Byzewski - Aesthetic Apparatus
Aesthetic Apparatus is a one person graphic design + illustration + screen printing studio run by Michael Byzewski in Minneapolis, MN. All art prints are screen printed by hand on high quality, heavy stock.
Emma Beatrez
Emma Beatrez is a transdisciplinary artist from Minnesota currently finishing up her MFA at Minneapolis College of Art and Deign. She received her BFA with an emphasis in oil painting at North Dakota State University. Her recent work deals with ritual, body, proxemics, desire, and simulation through material, light, sound, and smell explorations.

Instagram: @emma.beatrez
Alexa Scott - Space Loon Artistry
Alexa Scott is a Minneapolis based photographer that loves experimenting with light and color to create truly one-of-a-kind abstract pieces of art. The artistic process begins with urban cityscape photography that is digitally manipulated to create unique "neon, pop-art" inspired pieces that are then printed on high-quality, framed canvases.

Suyao Tian
Suyao Tian has a double BFA degree in fine art and music education and an MFA in design. Tian paints her own language to connect to the world and to find a way to connect to the similarities in our soul that everyone shares. She uses bright colored abstract watercolor to catch a moment, feeling, and unclear form extracted the fragments of memory from her childhood.

Instagram: @suyaotian
Teresa Audet
Teresa Audet is a Minneapolis-based artist, educator, and writer focusing on woodworking, basketry, and studio craft. Her webshop is stocked with cutting boards, baskets, and custom jewelry boxes as well as informational woodworking zines and a DIY basket-making kit.

Instagram: @TeresaAudet
Rock Johnsen
Johnsen creates functional surrealist ceramics by pairing humor, horror and sparkle as a means to address physical and mental comfort.

Instagram: @mixed_potter
Carly Ellefsen
Carly is an oil painter, illustrator, graphic designer, and part of Strange Buffet (art collective). Abstract oil painter with a style marked by repetition, color theory, and process.
I sell oil paintings and illustrations– commission work and prints also available.

Instagram: @strangebuffet
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