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MN Art Mart at soovac.org is an instant way to help artists who rely on income from contract labor, traveling gigs, and sales of work, who have been adversely affected by the events of COVID-19. As we reinvent how we live and work during this unprecedented time, online platforms for supporting each other are more important than ever. This idea was brought to us by Teréz Iacovino, a visual artist and Assistant Curator for the University of Minnesota’s Katherine E. Nash Gallery. 


We’ll be acting as a hub to link you to artists’ individual platforms so that 100% of your money will go directly to the artists.


Any artist can be featured on MN Art Mart by emailing the following info to mnartmart@soovac.org


  • 1-3 images representative of the kinds of work you sell

  • 1 sentence bio

  • 1 sentence description of your practice and/or the work for sale.

  • A link to the platform/s you sell work through (i.e. website, Instagram, Etsy, etc.)

We will be adding artists when we get your information, and updating this page twice a week. Once we start populating this page we'll post a thumbnail of the work below and then you can click on the image for complete artist information.


Wil Natzel
As Wil Natzel straddles the line between art and architecture he creates new environments and objects that manipulate our perception and exposes the relativity of our unique experiences.
Work for sale: Illust tabletop lantern at $269 is perfect for gently diffusing an LED bulb and is only held together using interlocking tabs without glues or fasteners.
Katelyn Mariah
My name is Katelyn Mariah. I am a visionary artist from St. Paul, MN, and my medium is watercolor and Mischtechnique.

My work is focused on the Sacred Feminine and the resiliency of the heart.
BrieAnna Lindquist
BrieAnna Lindquist is a Minneapolis artist who uses ink, paint, and Adobe Illustrator to showcase the whimsical.
BrieAnna sells prints and paintings, and accepts commissions.
Silent Fox
My name is silent fox. I am a visual artist and graphic designer. I have a website where I sell art and custom designs.
Natalie McGuire
My art can transport you to another plane of consciousness if you allow it too; it intrigues your curiosity about what lies beyond the frame; what you see is different for everyone.

I create photozaics; (I start with my photograph and complete in mosaic).
Joey Barrett
Joey Barrett lives and teaches in Minneapolis.

She draws, paints, and constructs scenes from daily life, combining the sensory experience of objects with an intimate inner dialogue.
Sean Steward
My name is Sean Steward, and I am an artist recently relocated from Chicago to South Dakota. I was classically trained in the disciplines of painting, printmaking, and drawing at Augustana University and I am currently in the Masters of Education program at the University of Sioux Falls.

I describe my work as a mixed media representation of my life, thoughts, and emotions as they relate to me and my environment.
Josh Katzenmeyer
Josh Katzenmeyer is a creative technologist who specializing in coding abstracted landscapes and collages with generative elements. He sells prints and collectible digital tokens of his work.
Charles Evans
Charles Evans is based currently in mpls. All of Evans' work is mixed-media and has to do with record keeping, enumeration, memory, loss, absence.
Hilary Greenstein
Hilary Greenstein is a scorpio, painter, and educator based in Minneapolis.
Hilary sells magical realist paintings of femmes on velvet and canvas. Hilary also sells prints of her work and is available for commissions.
Shelly Thrall
Shelly Thrall creates jewelry in her home studio in Minneapolis, mixing sterling silver, copper, brass, glass beads and miscellaneous objects to create jewelry that is meaningful to her. She is most inspired when her jewelry and the spirit in which it was crafted resonate with you.
Kat Nottingham
Kat Nottingham is a fine art painter best known for her waterscape paintings in oil on canvas.

“In each of my paintings, I try to celebrate precious, fleeting moments of beauty in nature - a wave crashing on a rock, morning sunlight peeking through the trees, sunlight dancing across a still lake at sunrise…”
Jes Reyes
I am a multidisciplinary artist practicing in painting, drawing, videomaking, and poetry.

The grid and shape-based mixed media paintings I create explore energy and emotion through layers and expressive colorful elements.
Megan Beck
Megan Beck is a Minnesota based artist who designs and creates contemporary jewelry.

Her current work incorporates vintage wallpaper and is inspired by the preciousness of surfaces, and how surfaces communicate to the viewer or wearer through their facade.
Chris Broste
Chris Broste is a Minneapolis photographer and cinematographer who explores the city on bicycle and wilderness on foot.

"My current works are the result of finding a solution to the difficulty of printing and sharing very large multi-image panorama photographs of interesting spaces."
Derek Dwyer
Derek Dwyer received a BFA in painting from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in 2013, and currently resides in Minneapolis,MN.

"My work is grounded in pattern making, while I am currently working to integrate imagery into my designs."
Preston Palmer
I am a self-taught painter from northern Minnesota, now living and working in Minneapolis.

My main focus is complete abstraction and my work is a direct reflection of me communicating my emotions, in the most expressive and visual manner.
Lauren Roseberry AKA Spacedoutlulu
I am spacedoutlulu, a mixed media artist in Minneapolis MN, and I like to create art & show people a different perspective of looking at the world.

My art is mostly space related, a little trippy at times & some nature. I love to try new things. I do paintings, illustration & mixed media.
Beck Slack
Currently pursuing a BFA in Studio Art with a concentration in Photography at UW-Stout, originally from St. Paul, MN.

My current practice revolves around multidisciplinary photography, collage, video, and installation work.
Ralph Nuara
Born in Brooklyn NY, Ralph Nuara studied textiles at RISD, relocated to Minneapolis in 2008, and has taught and made work at Fired Up Studios for the last 12 years.

His work is focused on functional stoneware pottery, priced affordably, made casually and meant to be used.
Patricia Mazurkiewicz
My name is Patricia from Sophia’s southwestern art group, and I am a mixed media and 3D artist.

My goal is to establish an art trade business for local benefits, including original donations from myself and various other artists.
Allison Baker
Allison clawed her way out of a trailer park and into higher ed with a thesaurus and words she cannot pronounce; currently a Professor of Studio Art at Hamline University.

Slanging prints, small sculptures, and small wearable art/jewelry
Tom Reynen
I am a photographer with a studio in Lowertown St Paul and a membership in the AZ Gallery in St Paul and Gallery 96 in Shoreview where I show my work.

I sell my travel, nature and architectural photographs as prints, notecards and a variety of products utilizing my images.
Kelly Newcomer
Kelly Newcomer is a Minneapolis artist who works with watermedia and ceramics to create drawings, prints, ceramic robots and paintings.
She has been making work with the theme of humanizing technology since 1995.
Katherine Boyce
Katherine Boyce is an oil painter at the Northrup King Building. She primarily paints abstracted and imagined places.
Emily Gordon
I am a recent BFA graduate and multimedia visual artist. The pieces I am selling are from my recent body of painting work.
Jeremiah Soup
Jeremiah Soup is a Figurative Painter residing in Minneapolis, Mn.
Jeremiah paints what he knows, exploring themes of permanence, fleeting moments, and interaction while examining his own life, culture, social happenings and movements.
Merick Reed
Merick Reed is a modern minimalist artist and designer living and working in Saint Paul, Minnesota. His work in furniture and sculptural paintings express simple, graphic geometry balancing spare aesthetics with playful assertion.
Benjamin Merritt
I am a Minneapolis based printmaker and writer. I examine how our culture stigmatizes illness and creates a precarious experience through popular understanding of disease, and I use printmaking to insert a personal and poetic voice into the political discourse around illness. My work is available at my website benjaminmerritt.com and on instagram, @benjywithoutorgans.
Jack Hayes
I'm Jack Hayes, born in Nashville and lived in lots of places like London, U.K., and six states including MN., ; current representation is D'Anniston gallery in Erie, Borelli-Edwards in Pittsburgh, and PiX FiZ gallery in Cedar Rapids IA.

My current practice is primarily painting on canvas and panels, non-objective unless some figure creeps in (in which case I leave it there - learned *that* the hard way.)
Kimberly Tschida Petters
Kimberly Tschida Petters is a Contemporary Landscape Painter from Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Her paintings are multiple layers of acrylic paint that is sanded smooth to create the background and the foreground is water and fluid acrylic.

Instagram @kimberlytschidapetters
Susan Crow
Susan Crow launched East Fourth Street in 2003 and is recognized as a leader in sustainably created, responsible jewelry that is made by hand, fabricated and finished in her Northfield, MN studio.
Max McInnis
Max McInnis is a local sculptor working in mixed media, their work embodied by a post-industrial surrealist lens.

The pieces come from stacks of doodles that inform what sort of real world scale and use the doodles lend themselves to become.
Mike Harris, Jr.
Mike Harris, Jr., is a visual artist and bee advocate who has called Interact Center for the Visual & Performing Arts his studio since 2010. His paintings and sculptures are a meditation on the interconnectedness of bees and humans.
Luke Lyons
Luke Lyons is a ceramics artist working out of Interact Center for the Visual & Performing Arts since 2012. Careful attention to shape and a rigorous glaze testing process inform his recent hand built ceramic vessels.
Kelsi Sharp
Kelsi Sharp is an African American artist from the American Southwest, currently living and working in Minneapolis, MN. Her work is informed by her background in graphic design and fabrication.
Maddy Bradley
Maddy Bradley is a plein air oil painter that lives and creates in Richfield, MN.

Her works are chromatically expressive plein air oil paintings and prints that celebrate the vibrant life of the American Midwest landscape.
John Riddle
John Riddle is a painter and musician who has called Interact Center for the Visual & Performing Arts his studio since 2012. His pour paintings investigate materiality, the physicality of process, and the passage of time.
Ingrid Hansen
Ingrid Hansen is a painter as well as fibers and jewelry artist who has worked out of Interact Center for the Visual & Performing Arts since 1997. Her work focuses on ecological and fantastical subjects, from gorillas to love birds to mermaids.
Laurie Borggreve
Using different methods and creative disciplines, Laurie Borggreve aims to create a unique technical challenge in each of her pieces which allows her to convey the beauty that diversity can add to art and the everyday world.

Laurie uses a wide variety of materials to create intricate and highly detailed sculptures and installations, many of which are made up of hundreds and often thousands of individually hand made components.
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