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Objects For Consideration

Opening Reception:

Saturday, February 8, 2014-6-9PM

Show Runs:

February 8 - March 22

Co-curated by Chris Larson and Chris Groth

Participating Artists: Beth Jeffries Barnes, Sarah Burns, Broc Blegen, Treeya Brooks, Kate Casanova, Kristy Childress, Nathan Coutts, Daedra Culshaw, Hans Early-Nelson, Kate Fisher, John Fleischer, Katelyn Farstad, Isa Gagarin, Ellie Gagner, Cameron Gainer, Rico Gatson, Chris Groth, Lucille Haas, Grant Hart, Jay Heikes , Jessica Hirsch, Candice Hafalia-Yackel, Doug Johnson, Caroline Kent, Chris Larson, Jeff Lohaus, Mary Jane Mansfield, Kayla McDaniels, Lynnea Midland, Ruben Nusz, Kelsey Olson, John Rasmussen, Marie Schrobilgen, Lee Schultz, Alan Slacter, Joe Smith, Scott Stulen, Jeremy Szopinski, Oakley Tapola, Aaron Van Dyke, Diane Willow, Tetsuya Yamada, Nate Young and Andrew Youngman.

The 44 small objects in the exhibition “Objects for consideration” are not works of art and should not be confused as such. They are important objects that live in artist studios, often collected or found but not made by the artist as works of art. They hint at a process, give only a glimpse of reference and linger in our periphery. These peculiar objects are typically small, picked up, studied, saved for reasons of curiosity or mystery and placed on a shelf in the artist studio.

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