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Put it in the Chat

A Reimagined "Put it in the Chat" with the addition of "The Pandemic School" programming by Peng Wu runs from December 4th to January 9th. More Information about Pandemic School HERE.

*Listen to previous programming by Trina Fernandez talking about her new cookbook HERE.

Work by Ta-coumba T. Aiken, Alyssa Baguss, Chase Barney, Rachel Breen, Zoe Cinel, Trina Fernandez,  Nathanael Flink, Christi Furnas, Roshan Ganu, Amina Harper, Christopher Harrison, Chris Heidman, Syed Hosain, Lauren Krukowski, Tiffany Lange, Yijia Li, Bobby Marines, Max McInnis, Alex M. Petersen, Prerna, Amy Rice, Gregory J. Rose, Vitus Shell, Yael Ben Simon, Anika Scheinder, Alanna Stapleton, Laurie Van Wieren, Megan Vossler, Peng Wu, Alejandro Junyao Zhang,

Johanna Winters, Shun Yong and a few surprises.

In March of 2020, SooVAC created the online platform, Virtual Connections, in response to pandemic closures. It was a way to stay connected and pay artists to create content online.  Put it in the Chat is our way of celebrating the artists that participated in our experiment and helped us forge a new way of programming that will continue into the future. Their contributions ranged from studio tours to experiments in both art and human connection. 


The participating artists shared quilting, dance, comics, cloud appreciation, and so much more through our screens as we all wondered if the world had permanently changed, it was a much needed sense of connection for us, for them and for you. It seems wondering what is next is the new status quo, that is why it is more important than ever artists act as a conduit for us to express our joy and grief. And the impact of seeing that in person is an experience that will never be replaced.

As a special note Alyssa Baguss’s piece will include other local artists - MAPP (Minnesota Artists Penny Press) a project by artist Alyssa Baguss, makes collecting local contemporary artwork fun and affordable. Featured artists include Kelly Abeln, Julie Buffalohead, Jennifer Davis, and Ruthann Godollei. All proceeds support future experimental public art happenings. Machine Graphics by Genre Sun.

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