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Suspension and Belief:
Photographs by Zelda Zinn

Opening Reception:

Saturday April 5, 2014-6-9PM

Show Runs:

April 5 - May 18

Suspension and Belief, is a collection of photographs exploring material manipulation of everyday bits and scraps of detritus through light, physics and the altering control of the lens. Her work elevates the mundane into mysterious sculptural forms, utilizing the act of photographing her constructions as a way to ignite the “human penchant to seek out and identify shapes and forms, and to assign significance”.

The exhibition combines two photographic series by Zinn, Irresistible Air and Transformer, both demonstrating her ability to conjure ethereal objects from materials such as shredded paper and plastic air pillows. The photographs capture these materials floating in a white void, as though hovering in an environment were the laws of physics are rewritten. Using light to penetrate or reflect the surface qualities of these fabrications, the work is transformed into something organic or a protective skin containing the potential of life.

Zelda Zinn received her MFA at the University of New Mexico, and has taught photography for many years. She lives and works in Santa Monica, California, and has exhibited throughout the U.S., South America and Eastern Europe.

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