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PAST Exhibitions & EVENTS

Weird Neighbor and
Somethin’s Rippin at SOOlocal

Opening Reception:

Saturday February 15, 2014, 6-9pm

Show Runs:

January 11 - March 16

A snapshot of the comic dysfunctionality of the parts of life that we depend on, work around, or attempt to fix: may we try half-assed or diligently, it is generally to no avail.


We end up back where we began.

Crystal Quinn lives and works in Minneapolis. She has studied at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, California College of the Arts and Ecole Cantonale d’Art du Valais. Quinn has exhibited throughout the US both as a solo artist and part of the collaborative art group Hardland/Heartland, including Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. Her conceptual based textile work consists of fiber assemblage, paper collage, ink and graphite drawing, sculpture, apparel and costume design. Crystal’s conceptual anchor is material manipulation, playing off of a viewer’s preconceptions of how objects are defined.

Oakley Tapola lives and works in Minneapolis. She received her BFA in 2009 from the University of Minnesota. Tapola has exhibited throughout the upper Midwest and has an upcoming exhibition at the Rochester Art Center. Her work preserves the emotional impact of a first glance. The drawings, paintings and mixed media collage are mysterious constructions of a recontextualized memory, either personal or borrowed.

PREVIOUSLY: January 11th- Weird Neighbor: an exhibition of singular works by the 52 most attractive and successful artists in America. Un-curated by Slovenian art theorist, Ecurb Alopat.

Featuring the work of 52 artists at various stages of their careers. Each artist will be represented by one small work that must co-exist with its weird neighbor.

Participating Artists: Aaron Arson, Ute Bertog, Sam Bray, Allen Brewer, Ryan Brink, Emily Brown, Kirstie Brengman, Brian Downs, Adam Caillier, Andrea Carlson, Mollie Christianson, Katy Collier, Dan Eliszewski, Katelyn Farstad, Josh Fay, Clea Felien, Lizzi Feldhege, John Fleischer, David Froelich, Claire Frucci, Cameron Gainer, Sherri Gill, Geoffrey Hammerlinck, Peter Happel-Christian, Robert Heid, Jay Heikes, Alexa Horochowski, Adam Lewis, Janet Lobberecht, Quinn McClurg, Claire Mielke, Nicky Mooreson, Michael Mott, Jennifer Nevitt, Bailey Ogle, Kelsey Olson, David Pederson, Jesse Peterson, Melba Price, Crystal Quinn, Justin Quinn, Luke Salisbury, Joe Sinness, Jake Spriggs, Lindsay Stassen, Josh Stulen, Tony Sunder, Oakley Tapola, Pamela Valfer, Josh Wilichowski, Tom Wixo, Matt Yaeger.

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